Mountain Streakers

Dear Lord,

This select group of six men from D-1/40th, 3rd Platoon, Fort Sill, OK, BCT. They are; Reyes – “Rana,” Richard – “Preacher,” Parente – “Road Runner,” Richardson – “The Duke,” Stambaugh – “The Hulk,” and Reich – “Chivo.”

We have all been given the desire as U.S. Army Soldiers and adventurous friends to embark on a journey together.

That journey is creating a way to give back to others through fundraising and hopefully a non-profit organization of our own via mountain climbing, running, team endurance feats, and many more inspiring adventures with the stories that follow.

The Mountain Streakers stand up to the challenge to inspire others. Embarking on journeys far and wide for a cause greater than themselves. Helping families and children in need giving them a journey as well.

My prayer is that the Lord bless our pursuits, our commitment, our health, our timetable, our families, and the multitude of people that He provides for us to encounter and inspire during this journey.



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